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Field of Consciousness and Constellation of Archetypes

This first set of materials encompasses a deep and extensive presentation of the many years of work that Atum O'Kane has put into developing a curriculum for the art of Spiritual Guidance. It includes:

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Spiritual guidance is an ancient practice that has been expressed in many forms throughout the human journey. We now live in a time of deep change and growth in consciousness, when seekers are able to learn from, and participate in, a variety of mystical traditions. While the teachings offered here in The Field of Consciousness in a Spiritual Guidance Meeting honor the wisdom of the past, they are oriented toward the growing community of interfaith practitioners. In this category, I would include those who are rooted in a particular tradition, yet seek complimentary insights and practices from other faiths. As these individuals seek to integrate what is meaningful to them, they make a contribution to the emerging myth of global spirituality.

For some time, I have felt the call to uncover the logos, or core that lies at the heart of our school of guidance. The Four Foundational Archetypes presented here are at a core, and can be found in all traditions, although known by various names and forms. They represent the unity behind the diversity. Working with the Four Foundational Archetypes in either a guide-seeker relationship or through peer guidance, provides a model that accommodates people from different faiths seeking spiritual guidance.

Many of the themes in this book center on the inter-relationship of the various archetypal quaternities present in the field during a spiritual guidance meeting. The diagrams help to illustrate the interactive dance between these different groups of four in a more dynamic way than can be fully captured in words.

The beautiful and intimate relationship between the spiritual guide and seeker is capable of fostering illumination but can also bring confusion and wounding when there is not sufficient clarity about the nature of the relationship. The chapter on “Dimension of the Spiritual Guidance Relationship” reflects my attempt to bring discernment to this blessed gift.

The teachings about the practice of spiritual guidance contain insights I have gathered along the way to further amplify an answer that Helen Luke, Jungian writer, gave me when I asked her to define spiritual guidance and she responded, "Meeting, just as we have done." This book and the companion CD's address my understanding of what is contained in the field of consciousness that supports the meeting of souls. I hope they offer some clarity for those seeking guidance and those serving as guides.

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