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Core Practices of the Spiritual Guidance Community

Dear Friends,
For some years members of our community have requested recordings of core spiritual practices taught in the trainings. Here is the first in a planned series of foundational meditations. They are recordings of the meditation and practice being done in program sessions. Included are two practices…

Presence and Purification Meditation

Through the breath practice of sighing, various impressions that block the heart and separate us from our soul are released. These include: the struggle of life, the pusher, feelings of unworthiness, too much responsibility, judgment, guilt and fear. (33 min. mp3 audio file)

Soul Meeting Practice

This practice focuses on meeting another or oneself in the attunement of four divine qualities. The practice has been the foundational one in creating the soul friendships that are a hallmark of the guidance community. The Sufi names for these qualities are included along with accompanying movement that can be used with a group. (10 min. mp3 audio file)

I hope you find these core practices beneficial as your spiritual journey unfolds into greater depth, freedom, and realization.

Blessings and gratitude,


You can purchase and download mp3 audio files of the two practices here.

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Thank you.

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